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About me

Born ned of the 70s. Photography since 2001.
Focus at portrait and fashion photography since 2009
Since end of 2010 new focus at lingerie and nude photography

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About me Sören Spieckermann

April, 2011 | By: Sören Spieckermann

Some facts about my life

Me and Studio

Born end of the 70s and starting photography approx. 2001. The possibilities of digital imagin impressed me. I do not have the patience to wait until i can see my picture.

At the beginning i focused at sports photography. I did this several years and now my focus is changing more to the people photography. First i focused at portrait and fashion, now more and more lingerie and nude.

My hometown ist Schwäbisch Hall (postal code 74523 / Germany) and i have a small studio there. Even if i take the most pictures in the studio, i do also work on location.

Photography is just a hobby to me.

If you would like to get in contact with me, please use one of the possibilities mentioned at the contact site (contact)

Sören Spieckermann